What is Legoland park?

Located in Winterhaven, in the state of Florida, the Legoland Theme Park is one of Florida’s foremost amusement parks. Boasting a park size of 150 acres, Legoland is guaranteed to delight both children and adults alike. The legoland amusement park goes above and beyond with what they offer here, including a 5 story, 152 room hotel. If that wasn’t enough, they have also included over 2000 Lego models that are scattered throughout the motel. Every room in the hotel has a Lego theme and staff have included an in-room treasure hunt for all guests. There is also nightly entertainment with Lego master building lessons for guests.

Further complimenting the Legoland hotel is a second option for accommodation, the beach retreat. Offering 83 beach themed bungalows, complete with Lego decor inside and out. These brightly decorated bungalows are divided into 13 areas with each one being named after a popular Lego mini figure. Each area is centred around an outdoor play area that is quite close to the bungalows so whilst the children play, the adults can put their feet up and relax under the shade of the outdoor patios.

The amusement park itself is something that must be seen to be believed. Some of these areas include the Lego Ninjago world, World of Chima, Lego technic and even the Legoland Florida water park. Where you can enjoy the wave pool, tube slides or even the interactive water play structures. Aimed at children aged between 2-12, but it’s a place the whole family can enjoy. There are so many areas to be explored. Interactive activities, live shows and of course an abundance of Lego models to enjoy. There are more than 50 rides to enjoy, all Lego themed of course. From boat rides to roller coasters. Even a Duplo themed train and tractor ride for the smaller children. It has a building zone, where children can test their construction skills and create anything their hearts desire. Duplo areas for smaller children, such as the Duplo Farm, an air-conditioned play area or the Duplo tot spot which is a playground designed for toddlers under 2.

Meals are all taken care of in Legoland with a variety of restaurants scattered throughout the amusement park. Everything from pizza to freshly made sandwiches are sure to keep your children happy, including gluten and soy free options.

Legoland staff offer a wide variety of services and are happy to help with any situations that may arise. At the park’s entrance, or beginning as it is called, you will find staff who are known as the Model Citizens. The Model Citizens are there to assist you and answer any questions that you have. With a variety of ticket options, starting at just $79 for adults and just $73 for seniors and children, their online option also gives you the choice to purchase parking for $15 and a shuttle bus pick up option for just $5. If that doesn’t interest you, they also have annual passes available starting at just $99 which gives you 365-day access.

The Legoland amusement park is a definite must see if you’re ever visiting Florida. Guaranteed to delight children of all ages and adults alike.